Luciana Scrofani Green

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, I can do more than translating and interpreting. I help you get your message across by bridging the gap between you and your clients, partners and customers.

From private meetings to large-scale public events, and across the public, legal, medical, manufacturing and services sectors, I can translate from Italian to English, English to Italian and French to Italian.

Based in London, I frequently travel throughout the UK and Europe to support clients, from SMEs to VIPs and everything in between.

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Luciana Scrofani Green English Italian interpreting London Cambridge
As A Trusted Partner For Your Linguistic Needs, I Add To The Table:
Luciana Scrofani Green Italian interpreting with Kofi Annan
I have an outstanding track record with the G8, UN, NATO, Europol, INTERPOL, the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Italian Chamber of Commerce
I remain impartial and unbiased, use correct protocol and I am sensitive to cultural differences
Extensive experience in commercially or diplomatically sensitive arenas has made me a trusted partner for a range of high-profile figures
My energetic, passionate, meticulous, sharp and enterprising character allows me to perform under pressure – exactly when it counts
Rapid replies to enquiries and availability outside office hours allow us to work together seamlessly
Where do I work?

I provide bespoke Italian-to-English and English-to-Italian interpreting and translation services in London, throughout the UK and beyond.

If you need a UK-resident Italian interpreter to facilitate your business communication, to meet you, your clients or colleagues at the airport or at a function, to travel to meetings and venues or to support you in a press conference, contact me to tell me about your requirements.

To book a skilled, experienced interpreter for your event, please get in touch.

Education, qualifications & experience:

Italian by birth – I was born in Syracuse (Siracusa in Italian), which was once one of ancient Greece’s most important cities – and Roman by adoption, I moved to Rome aged 17 to attend the Scuola Superiore per Interpreti e Traduttori, where I studied for 5 years until 1994. My academic background is in linguistics and translation and interpreting. I hold a Parliamentary interpreting diploma and translation diploma (SSIT-Rome).

I completed my studies more determined and ambitious than ever and started my career working as a professional conference and business interpreter and translator, and teaching consecutive and simultaneous interpreting at a local university in Rome.

I started my career interpreting in Rome for Robert De Niro, Nanae Kofi Annan, His Holiness John Paul II, Nobel Prize Winner Amartya Sen, the Presidency of the Italian Republic, making official trips to Greece, Denmark, Latvia,  France, Luxemburg, bilateral meetings at the Quirinale, speeches by the then Presidents of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi and Giorgio Napolitano, the Senate of the Republic, House of Deputees, G8 Ministries, Vatican (religious congregations and  international conferences at the Gregoriana, Urbaniana and Lateranense universities),SMEs, Telecom Italia, Finmeccanica, Autostrade, trade unions, financial institutions, pharmaceuticals companies, and also European and international organisations, including the United Nations, Unicef, Unicri, Europol, Olaf and the EU.

Throughout my career I have completed many interpreting training courses in France and the UK including training for interpreting studies trainers at the London Metropolitan University in 2014.

With a strong entrepreneurial flair, I then diversified and expanded my range of services, strengthening my management skills and thus embracing multilingual events.

These includes:
Sourcing and managing teams of interpreters;
Overseeing the translation of written materials;
Organising additional social programmes for delegates and guests;
Selecting venues;
Commissioning appropriate conference hostesses, catering, technical and AV services.

Personal life:

I have always loved foreign cultures. When I was only 12 and the youngest of the school group, I visited London for the first time and I have been nurturing my passion for the English language and culture ever since. At 17 years of age, I decided I wanted to be an interpreter and my dream came true!

Until I moved to Rome at the age of 17, I was a professional swimmer and swimming teacher – yet another opportunity to travel and meet all kinds of people of different nationalities. Today, I travel to a different European destination almost every week to help people communicate effectively and accurately.

Now I live in London, where my business is based, but I’m also an English and Italian tutor in Cambridge, where I teach a wide range of different academic and business professionals. My love of the UK is not confined to my professional life, though: I have been married to an Englishman for 14 years now and we have two adorable young daughters and a fluffy white puppy called Lola.

Outside of work, I have a passion for fashion and I couldn’t live without my Nespresso machine!

A client once asked me whether I had bought all of my pink items of clothing at once, or whether I had built up my collection over the years. Well, I do love la vie en rose! I’m also a techie and gadget fan, and I’m known for my good sense of humour.

Other things you might not know about me:

  • I also used to be a synchronised swimmer
  • I don’t drink that much, but my favourite tipple is prosecco
  • I switch off by reading thrillers or watching romantic movies
  • I love discovering new places and travelling to exotic destinations – it’s one of the perks of my job!
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