Luciana Scrofani Green Multilingual events manager
The role of the Consultant Interpreter

As a trusted interpreting consultant, I organise teams of interpreters for assignments in Italy or abroad to facilitate contact between you and your audience, without the hassle of having to worry about equipment – or anything else.

Project Management / Consulting:

I provide bespoke consulting services to suit your needs, ranging from sourcing teams of experienced interpreters and providing advice on audio equipment to liaising between clients and linguists.

To date I have organised numerous meetings for companies, individuals, and international institutions both in Italy and abroad, covering multiple language pairs.

What I can do for you:

Recruit and coordinate a team of interpreters with your specific needs in mind
Talk you through the options that are available for your event
Explain how to make the best use of interpreters' services
Recruit the best conference interpreters
Liaise between conference organisers, speakers, chairs and interpreters before and during the event
Advise on interpretation equipment
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