Do you need Italian-to-English or English-to-Italian legal interpreting services for your next arbitration hearing or legal proceeding?

I work with clients in London, throughout the UK, in Italy, and beyond to offer bespoke legal interpreting service for court hearings, witness statements and other legal proceedings. My positive, friendly personality, flexible service and passion for communication keep clients coming back year after year. I interpret from Italian to English, English to Italian and French to Italian.

I can provide several different interpreting services to meet your specific needs: I often work live as a face to face interpreter but also offer remote interpreting, telephone interpreting, and Skype interpreting.

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Italian legal interpreter you can rely on

My name is Luciana Scrofani Green, and I have been interpreting and translating on a daily basis, into English and Italian, for over 20 years.

When working with me you will benefit from my wealth of high-level experience as a conference, business, and legal interpreter. My expertise allows me to anticipate the unexpected, and my hands-on approach to my work inspires confidence across the board and builds long-lasting business relationships.

Let your case run smoothly with ethical and impartial interpreter by your side.

In addition to interpreting, I offer a variety of related services such as assistance with hiring equipment, assembling a team of interpreters and legal translation services.

Please get in touch to discuss your case as I would be delighted to be of help.

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High-level Italian legal interpreter based in London

I have expertise interpreting across a broad range of subject areas, but my areas of legal specialisation are:

Pleadings and Submissions
Claimant's witness statements
Respondent's witness statements
Legal Depositions / arbitration
Examinations before trial
Criminal procedures
Written witness reports
Video depositions
Civil procedure attorneys and litigation support

My legal interpreting assignments include:

25th Feb to 1st March 2019 Consecutive interpreting for Bird & Bird LLP - Arbitration case/Breach of contract
Confidential arbitration case. Commercial/Construction contracts and Contract negotiations London 7th/11th May 2018. Simultaneous interpretation.
Consecutive English<>Italian. Cheating in cycling (team sky case). April 20th 2018
Deposition and arbitration cases. International Dispute Resolution Centre. Debevoise & Plimpton. London 1st/11th September 2017.
Consecutive interpretation during confidential negotiation on behalf of Macfarlanes LLP, a corporate law firm headquartered in London. September 2016.
Consecutive interpretation for a legal – pharmaceutical case on behalf of Bird & Bird. London, January 2016.
Camera Arbitrale di Milano/Italian Arbitration Association (AIA)- Rome September 2015
Depositions and hearings: intellectual property, doping allegations, fraud cases in Rome, Milan, London, both at private legal firm premises. 2015-2016.
A NEVADA LIMITED COMPANY - a number of former gamblers (strictly confidential) Rome 2013/2015.
Oil and gas litigation / mock witness preparation hearing at the client’s offices in London, Siracusa, Rome and Milan+ manuals’ translations. 2000-2015 (Clients include Exxon Mobil, Total S.A., BP, Enel, Kuwait Petrolium, Lukoil (Isab Energy) and Erg.
Arbitration - Italian Bankruptcy Law/ Deposition WYNN LAS VEGAS.
Consecutive English<>Italian. 11th Oct – Chambers, Fleet St, London – Conference call with client and Italian witnesses,
23rd and 24th October, Rolls Building, London – Arbitration case. Gas supplier agreements.
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Face to face Italian interpretation

There are three primary techniques used in face to face interpretation: consecutive, simultaneous, and whispered interpreting.

Consecutive means “following one after the other in order”.

Simultaneous means “occurring at the same time”.

Whispered means spoken “softly with little or no vibration of the vocal cords”.

Interpret is to act as an interpreter between speakers of different language.

Simultaneous interpreting

I listen to the speaker and interpret the message as he or she is speaking. Typically, I wear a headset while sitting in a soundproofed booth, and I deliver my translation via microphone. Delegates who require interpretation into their native language can hear me in their own wireless headsets as the keynote speaker continues to talk.
In simultaneous translation, I share the booth with a professional colleague.

large international events, large conferences, and meetings.

Consecutive interpreting

The source-language speaker talks for a few minutes at a time, then pauses for me to interpret the message for the audience. I speak only while he or she pauses.

I will either sit or stand beside the source-language speaker. Depending on the length of the speech and its subject matter, I either take notes or memorise the message to be conveyed.

one-on-one meetings, small group settings, highly technical meetings, field trips, working lunches.

Whispered interpreting

I am beside or standing among the delegates, interpreting directly into the ear of the listener while the speaker continues to talk.

Whispering saves time compared to consecutive because there is no need to pause for interpretation.
Higher accuracy can be ensured if I wear headphones in order to get the best possible sound from the source-language speaker.

when only a few people need the service, if the necessary equipment for simultaneous interpreting is not available, bilateral meetings.

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