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I offer professional, reliable business interpreting services throughout the UK, Europe, and beyond. You can hire me to interpret from Italian to English and English to Italian for a variety of business events, ranging from meetings and negotiations to European Works Councils.

I’ve been praised for my positive, friendly personality, flexible service and passion for communication which keep clients coming back year after year.

To date I have interpreted for a number of high-profile companies, including Electrolux, Novartis, British American Tobacco, BMW, General Electric, Bird&Bird, MacFarlanes.

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Luciana’s tailored and professional approach to interpreting were impressive. Her skills and understanding of our business left us with the confidence that our key messages were being conveyed accurately. Luciana provides a very personal approach and we would highly recommend her to any financial services companies.

- Baillie Gifford & Co
italian conference interpreter - luciana scrofani green
Why work with me?
Professional service, over 20 years of experience and peace of mind.

I’m Luciana Scrofani Green, an Italian conference interpreter, and thanks to my extensive training and experience, along with my outstanding linguistic skills, I can guarantee a seamless and exceptional interpreting experience at your next conference. My proactive, hands-on approach to conference interpreting inspires confidence and builds long-lasting business relationships.

More than “just” interpreting.

Organise your international conference more easily and effectively – I can assist with hiring interpreting equipment or assembling a team of interpreters, and I also offer event management services.

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Italian conference interpreter located in London

You can book me for an interpreting assignment on a broad range of subjects, but I specialise in interpreting for conferences in the following sectors:

Medical / Pharma
EU Conferences and Working Groups across Europe
Remote interpreting for online summits, webinars, etc

I have had the honour of working with many notable organisations, companies, governments and multinational companies. Here are a few of my most significant Italian <> English conference interpretation collaborations from the past few years:

London Stock Exchange, Star Conference. March 2019
Baillie Gifford 11th July 2018.
Easo Conference in Rome 20th/21st September 2018
2017 DIAD Family Conference, Key to the Cure. Alzheimer’s Association. University College London. 15 July 2017
General Electric, EWC meetings ,January and March 2019Jagu
Remote interpreting. Google, November 2018
The 8th Childhood Cancer International Europe Regional Conference. Rome Hotel Quirinale 12 May 2017
Conference on the National Anti-Fraud Database, Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers. April 2015
What types of interpreting I can help you with?

Face-to-face Italian interpretation

There are three major techniques used in language interpreting. For conferences, simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting are usually used.

Luciana Scrofani Green interpreting for Pope Francis

Simultaneous Interpreting

I listen to the speaker and interpret the message as he or she is speaking, which is how the technique gets its name. Typically, I sit in a soundproofed booth, listening to the speaker via a headset. I deliver my translation through the microphone. Delegates who require interpretation into their native language can hear me in their own wireless headsets as the keynote speaker continues to talk.
In simultaneous translation, I share the booth with a professional colleague.

This is the most common option for conference interpreting. It is best-suited for large international events, large conferences, and meetings.

italian conference interpreter in london - sustainability event economist luciana scrofani green

Consecutive Interpreting

In consecutive interpreting, I listen to the source-language speaker as he or she talks for a few minutes at a time. The speaker then pauses for me to interpret the message for the audience. I speak only while he or she pauses, which of course means that the length of the speech is doubled.

I will either sit or stand beside the source-language speaker. Depending on the length of the speech and its subject matter, I either take notes or memorise the message to be conveyed.

Consecutive interpretation is most often used for one-on-one meetings, small group settings, highly technical meetings, field trips, working lunches.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) – the interpretation mode of tomorrow

remote simultaneous interpreting luciana scrofani green london

Imagine being able to convey your message in any language, anytime and anywhere.

That’s the beauty of remote simultaneous interpreting – the process of interpreting what is said from one language to another in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Are you organising an online conference or workshop?

Do you need an interpreter at short notice for a last-minute business meeting?

All I need are my laptop, browser and headset. No software! No travelling! All you need is your smartphone or laptop as a receiver.

Is this the future of interpreting?

It’s convenient. It’s cost effective. It’s clear-cut.

I think so!

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How it works

There are many platforms available for remote simultaneous interpreting such as Interprefy, VoiceBoxer and Kudo. I’ve found them all to be excellent.

The most remarkable factor of RSI is how simple and smooth it operates.

The speaker speaks in one language which is streamed live to a remote interpreter through a web browser on your laptop. Using a headset and microphone, the interpreter translates the speaker’s language into another language which is transmitted to the RSI platform through their laptop. Attendees can connect to the RSI platform via their own laptop or mobile device and will be able to see and hear the speaker in their chosen language.

This mode of interpretation can be used for conferences, webinars, board meetings, small meetings, workshops, and panel discussions.

Benefits of RSI

Save money:
By minimising travel costs and accommodation costs, remote simultaneous interpreting is nearly half the price of traditional interpreting.
Connect from anywhere in the world:
RSI enables you to carry out your event, anytime and anywhere via smart devices or traditional receivers.
Eliminate hassle:
You won’t need to organise flights and accommodation for interpreters. Just think of how much time and hassle you’ll save so you can concentrate more on your event.
Increased versatility:
You could even host your event on a remote island or resort and it wouldn’t be an issue with RSI technology.
Reduce your carbon footprint:
Interpreters get greener by not having to travel to provide their services.

I recently provided RSI for conferences in Japan, Rome, Amsterdam, Zurich and Berlin. It’s definitely what I consider to be the interpretation mode of tomorrow.

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