The Cost of Translating Video Content

Thinking about translating your website into Italian or English?

Or perhaps only certain parts need to be translated?

Don’t forget to translate your video content on it too. And I am here to help.

Luciana Scrofani Green video translation italian translator

The demand for audiovisual translation is growing rapidly.

This trend is only going to expand exponentially in the coming months and years. And the businesses that are ahead of the curve with multi-lingual video content will be the ones that thrive.

Did you know, that:

We will watch 100 minutes of online video every day in 2021 – over 15 minutes more a day than 2020?
The amount of time we spend watching online videos has increased by an average of 32% every year since 2013?
Videos with subtitles are 80% more likely to be watched in full compared to videos without them?
Research demonstrates that 65% of us prefer to receive information and content in our native language?

Video content remains the most engaging form of online communication.

Using my skills as an interpreter, I am able to translate videos from English directly into Italian and vice versa without the transcription step that’s often involved in this type of translation. My translations are then turned into subtitles, so that Italian/English speakers can understand the video’s content.

I also provide localised translations , taking language and cultural differences into account when sharing your content.

And if you need the full support of editing and synchronising, I’ll be able to produce your video in a wide variety of file types, returning it to you ready for launch.

Videos are perfect for corporate branding, and for promoting your own personal brand. Large corporations can engage their customers beyond text on a screen, offering a closer, behind-the-scenes insight into their workings to build relationships with clients.

And you personally can allow your followers to put a face to your name and speak with them directly, developing your message far more efficiently than through snapshots and captions.

Luciana Scrofani Green video translation italian translator

As always, I like to practice what I preach.

So why not take a look at my own personal brand video below,
complete with subtitles to show how it’s done!

The experience to make your content shine

Luciana Scrofani Green italian interpreter english translator

With travel sure to be limited or risky for quite a long time to come, why go travelling for a business meeting when you can arrange a video call, or for a presentation when a recording can be sent straight to your home?

If your company operates across different territories, then video translation means you won’t need to spend time and money creating new content for each one – you’ll simply need subtitles in the relevant languages.

Spreading the word on social media?

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all automatically mute video content that’s posted on their feeds. So if you want a video to catch someone’s eye as you’re scrolling, subtitles are vital.

Bespoke subtitling

When you are translating a book or document, you have a single stream of text to deal with.

But when you are translating a movie, you have two streams of information coming at you at the same time and you are limited by reading speed and number of characters allowed. And the differences don’t stop there.

I have translated many videos – but a recent assignment I covered stands out to me.

This client’s video aimed to explain to their audience the importance of keeping their contact lenses clean. And having gone to the trouble of creating their video to raise awareness of proper eye care, they knew that they needed to translate it to reach a wider audience.

This involved drawing upon my experience in the healthcare sector, ensuring that technical terminology was used correctly and consistently, and ensuring speech, sounds, diagrams and more were all translated for this client’s international customers. I helped them to translate their video so they could convey the details of good hygiene practices to a global audience – an especially important topic right now.

If you need help with a video translation project to make sure your content gets the views it deserves, get in touch for a quote.

Luciana Scrofani Green video translation italian translator
Luciana Scrofani Green video translation italian translator


Elevate your translations with localisation. A localisation considers linguistic and cultural differences, taking into account national customs, idioms and so on for a natural translation.

Direct translations can have very different connotations in different languages – it’s imperative that a translator has a strong grasp of multiple cultures for a perfect final product.

I’ll make sure that your video won’t get lost in translation.

With the benefit of over two decades of experience, you can be certain that your localisation is in safe hands, making your video feel as familiar to your audience as content created in their own language.

Support from start to end

Along with translating and localising your video’s subtitles, I offer a full subtitling package.

This includes editing, synchronising, timespotting and burning in subtitles to your video in a wide variety of file types. Sentence length, speed, and timings are all taken into account. With my video production services, you can be sure your finished video is polished to perfection and ready to go global the moment it’s returned to you.

Request a quote and let’s get your video prepared for launch.

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