Do you need Italian to English, English to Italian legal interpreting services for your next hearing or legal proceedings?

You’ve come to the right place.

I offer clients in London, throughout the UK and Italy, and beyond bespoke legal interpreting services that you can trust for court hearings, witness statements and other legal proceedings.

Whether they’re in-person or virtual, I’ll provide a seamless service from start to finish.

When choosing the interpreter you want by your side when discussing legal issues where the stakes couldn’t be higher, you need someone you can trust to make sure that your every word matters.

I’ll make sure that your voice is heard so that you achieve the outcome you deserve.

My word choices’ legal implications really matter but rest assured that your case is in good hands because I take professional ethics very seriously. When it’s just us, my friendly personality and passion for communication will shine through, but when it comes down to it, I’ll have my game face on ready to impress with my legal etiquette and attention to detail.

My experience allows me to anticipate the unexpected, so you don’t have to. My hands-on approach to my work leaves you feeling reassured that you made the right choice because I’ll be there every step of the way, whether this is your first rodeo or whether you’re a legal professional.

I’m the person you should trust with your words because I’m genuinely interested in making your life easier by communicating your case, regardless of the legalities. Language should never be a barrier to justice, so I’ll ensure that language and cultural differences won’t stand in the way of you accessing the legal resolution you deserve.

I’m passionate about using my services to help the reasonable person on the street and the big city law firm. If you’re my client, you matter, and I’ll go above and beyond to make sure you receive the service you deserve. Therefore, my clients keep on coming back for more year after year.

I can provide an interpreting service that meets your specific needs. I often work as a face-to-face interpreter, but I also offer remote interpreting, telephone interpreting, and Skype interpreting.

Let me provide legal remedies in your language.

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We engaged Luciana for interpretation services for a seven day assignment, including two days of witness preparation and for a five day arbitration hearing. The topic of the matter was very technical and complex. Notwithstanding this Luciana was very assertive and proactive in requesting and reviewing the hearing materials and statements of case. She quickly grasped the concepts of the dispute and appeared to be more than capable with the technical terms. Throughout the witness preparation sessions in the days leading up to the hearing, Luciana was very proactive and ‘on the ball’ with her interpretation services. She would get involved with conversations and interpret often without instruction and fitted in seamlessly with our preparations. In addition to this, Luciana got along very well with our Italian clients, most of whom spoke very little English. As a result of Luciana’s ability to grasp the technical concepts and ease with which to strike a rapport with our clients, she soon became an important member of our team and was often left alone with clients to run through preparation materials. During the hearing itself, Luciana was required to consecutively interpret questions being put to our clients standing as witnesses into Italian, and then interpret their answers into English. The periods of questioning were often fast paced, intense and lasted far longer than what we understand to be usual periods of interpretation. Luciana was fantastic at keeping up and importantly, controlling the questioning to ensure nothing was missed.

– Bird & Bird LLP
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What does the future hold?

No one knows, but one thing’s for sure… remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) is here to stay. Throughout the pandemic, RSI has allowed organisations to continue doing business with each other, regardless of physical restrictions.

Very few sectors have been left entirely unscathed by Covid-19, and the legal sector is no different. With a huge backlog of cases to work through, adopting virtual solutions to meet demand is becoming a more attractive solution for the parties concerned. This new world has created new challenges for the interpreting industry, but I can offer you a virtual service that’s fit for the future and appropriate for your needs.

The legal industry has moved with the times, and so have my services. I can still deliver the high-quality services that I’ve offered for over 20 years. The only difference is that they are remote and safer. Government restrictions won’t prevent me from overcoming your language barriers.

As the industry adapts, so do I.

My services now reflect how the legal process may no longer require you to even be in the same room. When it’s safe to do so, I’m physically there for you, but when it isn’t, I’ll still be there for you virtually.

Times are changing, and I’m ready to move with them.

Assisting virtual hearings and arbitrations is not new to me, and it’s fast becoming the “new normal”. Before Covid-19, international hearings were logistically complicated in-person, and virtual solutions were growing increasingly popular. Cases involving multiple parties from different jurisdictions and cultures sharing different languages can now take place using a platform that makes this process much more comfortable.

To find out more about how RSI is a solution that knows no borders, learn more about my RSI service here.

High-level Italian legal interpreter based in London

I have expertise interpreting across a broad range of subject areas, but my areas of legal specialisation are:

Pleadings and Submissions
Claimant's witness statements
Respondent's witness statements
Legal Depositions / arbitration
Examinations before trial
Criminal procedures
Written witness reports
Video depositions
Civil procedure attorneys and litigation support

Please get in touch to discuss your case, as I would be delighted to be of help.

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