Professional Italian conference & business interpreter

I provide reliable, competitively priced interpreting services in London, throughout the United Kingdom and Italy and beyond, working from Italian to English, English to Italian and French to Italian.

I can be your Italian–English or English–Italian conference and business interpreter for conferences, European negotiations, exhibitions, meetings and networking, product launches, sales presentations, training courses and webinars. Interpreting can take place live face-to-face, remote, Skype, or by telephone.

There are three major techniques used for language interpreting. Which one do you need?

I will help you choose the right mode of interpreting for your event.

Face to face interpretation

Simultaneous interpreting

I will listen to the speaker and interpret the message while he or she is speaking. I will usually be sitting in a soundproofed booth wearing a headset and will simultaneously deliver my translation through the microphone. Thanks to wireless technology, delegates requiring the translation into their mothertongue will listen to me through their own headsets, while the keynote speaker is talking.

I will share the booth with a professional colleague.

Large conferences, meetings and large international events

Consecutive interpreting

I will listen to the source-language speaker for a few minutes at a time until he stops and allows me to deliver the message to the audience.

I will be interpreting after the speaker has finished.

I will either sit or stand beside the source-language speaker. Depending on the nature and duration of the speech I can either take notes or memorize the message to be conveyed.

one-on-one meetings, small group settings, highly technical meetings, field trips, working lunches.

Whispered interpreting (chuchotage)

I will be beside or standing among the delegates interpreting simultaneously directly into the ear of the delegates.

Wispering saves time compared to consecutive.

Higher quality is guaranteed when using a headphone to that I can get the best possible sound from the source-language spearker.

usually where only a small number of people need the service or equipment for simultaneous interpreting is not available, bilateral meetings.

Specialised interpreter based in London

My expertise lies in translating and interpreting across a broad spectrum of subject areas. My focus lies in:

Governmental / diplomatic / political / EU level interpretation (I work for the Italian government and their delegations in Europe)
Medicine and Pharma (such as: Pharmaceutical Investigator meetings and clinical trials, Medical conferences, Discussions on protocol, regulatory issues, enrolment criteria, procedures and safety issues)
Law (such as: Legal depositions / arbitration, Consecutive jobs, examinations before trials, criminal procedures, testimonies, written witness reports, video depositions, civil procedure attorneys and litigation support)
EWC (European Works Council)

However, I also interpret in these areas: Asset Management, Private Wealth Management, Law and Immigration, News, Trade Union Activities, Occupational Health and Safety, Labour Law, Worker Representation, Collective Bargaining, Industrial Restructuring and Relocations, Social Dialogue, Implementation of European Directives, Culture, Copyrighting, Tourism, Agriculture, Food Industry, Environment and Energy, Current Affairs, Biotechnologies, Trade, International Cooperation, Strategic and Military Defence, Economics, Finance, Telecommunications, IT, Health Care.

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I have had the honour of interpreting and translating for many outstanding people, including:

Amartya Sen (Nobel Prize Winner for Economics)
Angelino Alfano, Minister of Foreign Affairs (Italy)
Betty Williams (Nobel Prize Winner for Peace)
Cardinal Ernest Simoni, Golden Plate Award winner from the American Academy of Achievement
Julia Roberts, American actress and producer
Chris Cummings, CEO, TheCityUK
Erin Brockovich
Eva Herzigova
General Ronald Noble, former INTERPOL Secretary
Gianni De Gennaro, former Chief of Police (Italy)
Giorgio Napolitano, former Italian President
HE Pasquale Terracciano, Italian Ambassador to the UK
Jacques Barrot, former European Commissioner for Justice
Javier Solana, former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
John Cridland, Director General, CBI
José Manuel Barroso, former President of the European Commission
Lucy P. Marcus, Non-Executive Board Director, columnist Project Syndicate & BBC, host of Reuters' “In the Boardroom...”, Professor at IE Business School
Marcella Panucci, Director General, Confindustria
Mohammed AlFayed
Nanae Kofi Annan (UN)
Navanethem Pillay, UN High Commissioner
Nicolas Bertrand, Head of Equity and Derivatives Markets, The London Stock Exchange Group
Pietro Grasso, President of the Italian Senate
Robert De Niro
Robert Fisk, Middle East correspondent (The Independent)
Roberto Caselli, former Minister of Justice (Italy)
Romano Prodi, former Italian Prime Minister
Stefania Prestigiacomo, former Minister for the Environment (Italy)
Terry Scuoler, Chief Executive Officer, and Lee Hopley, Chief Economist, EEF – the Manufacturers' Organisation
Interpreting with Tour Guide systems

Our Tour Guide System offers both transportable and installed digital audio solutions for small to medium-size groups.

It’s a great way to break down the language barrier for people on the move.

Being versatile they system can be used for events including:

Factory visits
Technical expeditions
Business meetings
Talks involving small groups
Training sessions
Bilateral talks

Participants wear lightweight, portable headsets to hear the simultaneous interpretation of an interpreter who accompanies them or sits/stands in the room close to the speaker.

Sennheiser Tour guide interpretation sets with 20 receivers, 6-channel selectors and one head worn
microphone for the interpreter (per set)

This truly unique device integrates both the receiver and headphones and delivers a number of advantages.

Your participants will be able to individually adjust the volume through a rotary control on the receiver, without the need to even take the device off.

A LCD display will clearly confirm the volume, battery status, quality of reception and the channel being listened to.

Channels can be easily set and adjusted by using the middle button.

The powerful battery ensures that the device will work for up to 8 hours.

The reception-area outdoor is approx. 100 m, indoor it is approx. 50m.

Ensure your delegates can hear you next time you conduct a guided tour, a factory visit, a technical expedition, a business meeting, a training session by getting in touch for a no obligation quotation.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) – the perfect solution for you right now

Imagine being able to convey your message in any language in real time, anytime and anywhere.

That’s the beauty of remote simultaneous interpreting – the process of interpreting what is said from one language to another in real-time from anywhere in the world.

In these days of severe restrictions on travel and meetings, RSI is the interpreting mode that’s having it’s finest hour, offering a modern, fuss-free solution to help organisations continue to do business with each other.

Are you organising an online conference or workshop?

Do you need an interpreter at short notice for a last-minute business meeting?

All you need is your smartphone or laptop as a receiver. All I need are my laptop, browser and headset. No software! No travelling! Complete real-time, remote support from a highly-proficient interpreter.

Find out more about RSI, software & tools, and get to know how RSI can benefit your business!

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How it works

The most remarkable factor of RSI is how simply and smoothly it operates.

The speaker speaks in one language, which is streamed live to a remote interpreter through a web browser on your laptop. Using a headset and microphone, the interpreter translates the speaker’s language into another language which is transmitted to the RSI platform through their laptop. Attendees can connect to the RSI platform via their own laptop or mobile device and will be able to see and hear the speaker in their chosen language. It’s quick and easy and helps to deliver a seamless spoken word experience.

This mode of interpretation can be used for conferences, webinars, board meetings, small meetings, workshops, and panel discussions.

Is this the future of interpreting?

It’s convenient. It’s cost effective. It’s clear-cut.

I think so!

Contact me now to discuss your upcoming project.

Benefits of RSI

Save money:
By minimising travel costs and accommodation costs, remote simultaneous interpreting is nearly half the price of traditional interpreting.
Connect from anywhere in the world:
RSI enables you to carry out your event, anytime and anywhere via smart devices or traditional receivers.
Eliminate hassle:
You won’t need to organise flights and accommodation for interpreters. Just think of how much time and hassle you’ll save so you can concentrate more on your event.
Increased versatility:
You could even host your event on a remote island or resort and it wouldn’t be an issue with RSI technology.
Reduce your carbon footprint:
Interpreters get greener by not having to travel to provide their services.

I recently provided RSI for conferences in Japan, Rome, Amsterdam, Zurich and Berlin. It’s definitely what I consider to be the perfect solution for you right now.

Contact me now to discuss your upcoming project.

Why work with me?

I have over 20 years’ experience as a conference interpreter, including at EU conferences and working groups, business meetings, seminars and press conferences, in London, throughout the UK and Italy and beyond. I guarantee my valued clients a high level of linguistic skills, consummate professionalism and uncompromising service.

Talk to me about organising online or over the phone interpreting.