Professional Italian interpreter

I provide reliable, competitively priced interpreting services in London, throughout the United Kingdom and Italy and beyond, working from Italian to English, English to Italian and French to Italian.

I can be your Italian–English or English–Italian conference and business interpreter for conferences, European negotiations, exhibitions, meetings and networking, product launches, sales presentations, training courses and webinars. Interpreting can take place live face-to-face, remote, Skype, or by telephone.

There are three major techniques used for language interpreting. Which one do you need?

Find out more about my specialisations and take a look at my portfolio below

Specialised interpreter based in London

My expertise lies in interpreting across a broad spectrum of subject areas. My focus lies in:

Governmental / diplomatic / political / EU level interpretation (I work for the Italian government and their delegations in Europe)
Medicine and Pharma (such as: Pharmaceutical Investigator meetings and clinical trials, Medical conferences, Discussions on protocol, regulatory issues, enrolment criteria, procedures and safety issues)
Law (such as: Legal depositions / arbitration, Consecutive jobs, examinations before trials, criminal procedures, testimonies, written witness reports, video depositions, civil procedure attorneys and litigation support)
EWC (European Works Council)

However, I also interpret in these areas: Asset Management, Private Wealth Management, Law and Immigration, News, Trade Union Activities, Occupational Health and Safety, Labour Law, Worker Representation, Collective Bargaining, Industrial Restructuring and Relocations, Social Dialogue, Implementation of European Directives, Culture, Copyrighting, Tourism, Agriculture, Food Industry, Environment and Energy, Current Affairs, Biotechnologies, Trade, International Cooperation, Strategic and Military Defence, Economics, Finance, Telecommunications, IT, Health Care.

Simultaneous Interpreting using mobile TOUR-GUIDE systems

Simultaneous interpretation can also be performed using portable microphones and headsets.

Tour Guide System offers both transportable and installed digital audio solutions for small to medium-sized groups.

It’s a great way to break down the language barrier for people on the move.

Being versatile the system can be used for events including:

Factory visits
Technical expeditions
Business meetings
Talks involving small groups
Training sessions
Bilateral talks

Participants wear lightweight, portable headsets to hear the simultaneous interpretation of an interpreter who accompanies them or sits/stands in the room close to the speaker.

Sennheiser Tour guide interpretation sets with 20 receivers, 6-channel selectors and one head worn
microphone for the interpreter (per set)

Luciana Scrofani Green Italian English interpreting

This truly unique device integrates both the receiver and headphones and delivers a number of advantages.

Your participants will be able to individually adjust the volume through a rotary control on the receiver, without the need to even take the device off.

A LCD display will clearly confirm the volume, battery status, quality of reception and the channel being listened to.

Channels can be easily set and adjusted by using the middle button.

The powerful battery ensures that the device will work for up to 8 hours.

The reception-area outdoor is approx. 100 m, indoor it is approx. 50m.

Ensure your delegates can hear you next time you conduct a guided tour, a factory visit, a technical expedition, a business meeting, a training session by getting in touch for a no obligation quotation.


Why work with me?

I have over 20 years’ experience as a conference interpreter, including at EU conferences and working groups, business meetings, seminars and press conferences, in London, throughout the UK and Italy and beyond. I guarantee my valued clients a high level of linguistic skills, consummate professionalism and uncompromising service.

Talk to me about organising online or over the phone interpreting.

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