Professional Italian medical interpreter

Do you require Italian to English or English to Italian medical interpreting services for your upcoming pharmaceutical meeting or medical conference?

For over 20 years, I have helped public, private, and research institutions all over the world with medical interpreting for meetings, conferences, training programmes, and congresses.

I provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in the following sectors:
Sports Medicine
Life Sciences
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Fantastic job Luciana! The call today went extremely well and you performed brilliantly. The translation was immediate and very easy to follow. Thank you.

- Legal Function - Astrazeneca

My recent direct and indirect clients include:

Zimmer Biomet
Medici Senza Frontiere
MTM Laboratories Italia
Pfizer Italia
AIFA (Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco)

You can always count on me for a friendly, flexible, and diligent service.

From face to face interpreting to remote interpreting, I can be your voice and ears that guarantee the success of your medical meeting.

I cover these sectors:

Clinical Trials & Governance
Make sure participants understand the risks and every important detail.
Guarantee all communication is precise and effective in this huge, multinational business.
Genetic Engineering
Encourage the growth of knowledge and scientific scrutiny by making genetic research available to the wider world.
Regenerative Medicine
Certify communication is accurate within both clinical and non-clinical settings.
Stem Cell Research
Ensure stem cell research units can communicate in order to share information and developments.
An Italian medical interpreter you can trust

Medical interpretation is a highly specialised field, which must only be entrusted to a specialised medical interpreter.

Specific skills and expertise are imperative in order to approach the precise terminology and deliver an impeccable service.

As a highly trained Italian medical interpreter with over two decades of industry experience, there is no one better to entrust your projects with.

I have provided simultaneous interpreting for medical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, such as Bayer, Zimmer Biomet, Allergan, and Stryker, Diasorin, GSK, Abbott, Novartis, and many more.

I have also provided Italian remote/on line interpreting for Merck and Bayer.

You should know that I come to every event fully prepared and organised. I’ve done this a hundred times before, so I know how it works and what it takes to provide a quality Italian medical interpretation.

Using my wealth of experience, medical expertise, and fluency in both English and Italian medical terminology, you can enjoy a smooth, accurate, and impeccable service.

Let’s discuss your upcoming interpreting project!

My latest medical interpreting assignments

Luciana Scrofani Green italian medical interpreter in London

I am extremely proud to share my most recent Italian medical interpreting projects with you. They include:

2020 8-9 February: Italian <> English simultaneous interpretation for Zimmer Biomet, Medical device company, Huelva, Spain
2020 21-24 January: Italian <> English simultaneous interpretation for Diasorin –Biotechnology company, Malta
2019 23-24 October: Roche V1ADUCT (WN39434) Study Coordinator Meeting Agenda DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London Docklands Riverside
2019 24-25 June: Over the phone simultaneous | English > Italian interpreting for HR meetings for STRYKER
2019 8th May: Thrombosis Talks – N VAF, diabetes and renal impairment: A high-risk patient group to manage, but what is the evidence? Over the phone Simultaneous | English > Italian Interpreting for Bayer
2011-present: Novartis EWC yearly meetings from all over Europe
2019 15-20 March: English <> Italian medical simultaneous interpreting, President’s Club – Allergan, Trou d’Eau Douce, Mauritius
2018-2019: Stryker (Spine, Orthopaedics and trauma tech investigators' meeting), Barcelona and London

Other notable projects

Moorfields Eye Hospital, Macular Course for Ophthalmologists
Allergan Fast Forward Breast Implant plenary training programme
Merz Aesthetics European Expert Summit, 1
GSK Oncology trials and EWC meetings
Allergan ECE AGM Meeting, London, simultaneous interpretation
Abbott Emea Healthcare Excellence Forum, London, simultaneous interpretation
Alzheimer’s Association, University College London, 2017 DIAD Family Conference, Key to the Cure

And many more!

Would you like to see my full list of Italian medical interpreting assignments?

Hear what my clients have to say about my services.

Recommended Italian medical interpreter

You have great talents and a very enthusiastic approach. You have worked with some high-profile people. Very impressive. I very much enjoyed meeting you and did a great job for us. Stefano’s feedback was that the audit was pretty well received.

Simon Oberst, Director of Clinical Development at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre, Chair of Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI)

I will DEFINITELY be writing you a review and mentioning your services to my doctor friends who recommended some other sites that offered to translate in 1-3 business days. Thank you for being you and doing what you do.

– Laura Ravel
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Which mode of interpreting is right for you?

Face to face Italian medical interpreting

The medical industry is a huge and rapidly growing multinational business. Because of the need for international cooperation, all communication must be clear, concise and effective. It should only be attempted by a qualified and experienced medical interpreter.

Take a look at which would be most suited to your event.

Consecutive interpreting: the interpreter reproduces the speech of the speaker in the target language of the audience, after every sentence or part of the speech.

Suitable for:

Small pharmaceutical meetings
One-on-one meetings

Simultaneous interpreting: the interpreter interprets the message as the speaker speaks. This is usually delivered via microphone and headphones, while sitting in a soundproofed booth.

Suitable for:

Large medical conferences and meetings
Large international events
Medical summits
Medical training programmes

Virtual Italian medical interpreting

Online meetings: the presenters and participants attend the meeting virtually with the option of virtual breakout rooms, and audience polling technology and interactive meeting platforms for an enhanced experience. Simultaneous interpreting is also an option.

Hybrid meetings: a virtual meeting combined with a face-to-face meeting. It may either be one speaker presenting a live meeting virtually or a group of attendees who join the meeting virtually.

Would you like to work together?

Luciana Scrofani Green italian medical interpreter in London

If you have an upcoming medical conference or pharmaceutical meeting that requires a friendly, punctual, and professional Italian medical interpreter, allow me to step in and assist.

When it comes to medical interpretation, the stakes are high, which is why it is so important to choose a highly qualified interpreter who knows the industry and both languages inside out.

That’s me!

Send me an email using the contact form below and we can start discussing your next project.

Make sure you include all the relevant info! The more info, the more detailed a response you will receive.

I look forward to it!

Get in touch

Dear Luciana,
These translations will be very useful in our consultations with the medical profession in the UK.
Thank you for your service translation service.
Kind regards

– Eileen Bilimoria

Italian medical translation

From medical devices to clinical trials, I can translate your medical materials accurately and confidentially.

I provide translation for:

Medical records
Hospital records
Medical charts
Medical supplies
Medical insurance documents
Scientific publications
Regulations and legislations
Informed consent forms
Hospital discharge papers
Clinical study reports
Clinical trials
Clinical protocols
Scientific research
Test and analysis results

Life science translation involves technical manuals, software applications, and regulatory documentation. Translation is needed for clinical trials in order for local patients and clinicians to thoroughly understand them.

Translation for medical devices involves translating innovative, often life-saving equipment so that healthcare professionals and patients understand the procedure and the device they are using.

Clinical trials are imperative for testing and launching pharmaceutical drugs and medical equipment. Translation of clinical trials documentation is crucial in order for the board and authorities to understand.

Do you need an Italian medical translator to manage your medical documents?

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